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Yottaa - Make your website faster - accelerate your business

A slow website is bad for your business. It can cause the loss of leads and revenue, and causes visitors to develop a bad perception of your brand. Visitors expect your pages to load in 2 seconds or less, and 40% will leave if a page takes longer than three seconds. Is your site fast enough to convert?

It can be, with Yottaa. Yottaa makes your website load faster for all of your visitors, and makes it more reliable. The proprietary technology automates the application of dozens of optimization techniques that otherwise require high-level expertise and many hours of work. With Yottaa you'll gain access to a world-wide network that ensures your website will be consistently fast no matter where in the world your visitors might be.

Special Offer Details for Customers

  • Visit Promotion Page
  • Enter your email to get the 14-Day Trial
  • Complete the form and enter your website domain
  • Follow the wizard for a preview of how Yottaa or activate Yottaa for the trial

Why Yottaa? reviewed options to help our customers have faster websites that perform at their best from anywhere in the world. Yottaa brings technology to SMBs that was once only available to big portals and ecommerce sites.

  • Doubled website speed -- with no software and no code changes. Every page, every technology, any programming language
  • Better website metrics -- including lower bounce rates, higher page views, more conversions and better SEO results
  • Twenty locations in the cloud -- to ensure fast loading web pages around the world
  • Testing and diagnostics -- Find issues before they go live


Hunt Down Your Broken Links with

Broken links can lead to lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction, lost traffic and higher costs. provides an easy-to-use link checking service, ideal for enterprise websites, e-commerce sites and any Web presence that requires optimal functionality.

Special LinkTiger Offer for Customers

  • Enter you're website name
  • Select "Check NOW!" You'll then be prompted...
  • Enter your email address
  • Select "Go Tiger!"
  • A basic report will be sent to your email, for full services...
  • Sign up through LinkTiger's Pricing page
  • Enter a credit card - The credit card will not be billed & you can cancel anytime
  • Enter the Coupon Code: frtest1
  • This activates 30 day free trial, cancel anytime

Why performed research on link-checking services to determine the best recommendation for our customers. outshines the competition for features and value:

  • Delivered as a Service (SaaS) - no software to download, no software or hardware maintenance. Just sign up and LinkTiger will hunt your site for broken links 24x7.
  • Ease of use - LinkTiger's robust dashboard and rich reporting capabilities are geared to the non-technical user.
  • LinkTiger's target users are Marketing, Sales, Operations as well as Web Masters, Designers and Developers.
  • Versatile - scans multiple file types. HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PDF, Flash, Java Applets and MS Office files for broken links.
  • Broken Link Highlighting - broken links are highlighted on the webpage or in the source code for easy recognition.
  • Automated - LinkTiger crawls your web site daily and sends an email with a link to a report for all broken links on your site.
  • Reporting - Their user-friendly dashboard offers clear, well-designed reports with pie charts and graphs indicating the status of all errors on your site and the ability to create custom reports.

Start using LinkTiger right now through the "Check Now!" option in the graphic above or you may visit