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HostMySite is an hosting industry leader in providing hosting for small business at affordable prices. In fact, you can start up a cloud environment with the power of Microsoft’s Azure Pack for only $5. HostMySite runs our Windows Cloud Hosting with Azure Pack completely in our Data Centers. We are not reselling Windows Cloud with Azure Pack and you are not redirected to a Microsoft data center. And because we provide Azure Pack at HostMySite we can provide 24×7 online support and pay half the price you would normally pay via Microsoft!

Our Cloud Plans include all you need to run a high-performance server. You get the CPU, RAM, Storage, Bandwidth, Windows 2012 licensing, and of course our famous 24×7 Online Support, are all included!
Your basic Windows or Linux Cloud Hosting plan comes with 1 Gigabyte of RAM, 40 Gigabytes of hard drive storage, and 2 Terabytes of Bandwidth.

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HostMySite is a Gold Business Partner

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