Humans Included
Our cloud hosting platform makes the process of building a server and publishing sites and applications so easy, you might never need to talk to us. However…
Unlike Amazon and Google you can actually talk to one of our US-based cloud experts if you ever need assistance.

HostMySite Humans Included - some of our great staff

Cloud Hosting Features

Manage all of your cloud hosting services, physical cloud servers, Exchange mailboxes, and domain names from a single login and a unified interface.

Need extra resources for a day? Use a server for two weeks instead of a month? Our system automatically prorates all servers and resources down to the hour—so you only pay for exactly what you use.

Cloud Host nodes utilize storage clusters with solid state drives and a lightning fast Fibre channel attached EMC SAN.

A platform is only as fast as the network it’s connected to; ours is the fastest in the industry. We own and operate every segment of our network and maintain a 10% peak utilization rate across our facilities.

Provision a server to your exact CPU, RAM, and Storage specifications in seconds.

All cloud services are back by our 100% uptime guarantee—if any aspect of the infrastructure we manage results in an outage, you get a refund.
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Instantly add or remove resources such as RAM at any time from your control panel.

If you aren’t delighted by your experience with us, you can cancel any time in the first 30 days for a full refund. Review our 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Outages are bad for both your business and ours. We built our cloud to ensure the highest degree of availability. If a physical node failure occurs, virtual machines are transferred to other operational nodes in the cluster automatically—no configuration or intervention required.

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