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Cloud Hosting Services That Are Down to Earth

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  • Windows or Linux
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 40 GB Storage
  • 2 TB Bandwidth

Cloud Hosting Services - Pricing and Provider Comparison

Humans Included

Our cloud hosting platform makes the process of building a server and publishing sites and applications so easy, you might never need to talk to us. However...

Unlike Amazon and Google you can actually talk to one of our US-based cloud experts 24x7x365 if you ever need assistance.

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Cloud Hosting Features

Powerful Control Panel

Manage all of your cloud hosting services, physical cloud servers, Exchange mailboxes, and domain names from a single login and a unified interface.


Screaming-Fast SSD Storage

Cloud Host nodes utilize storage clusters with solid state drives and a lightning fast Fibre channel attached EMC SAN.


Your Server, Your Way, Right Away

Provision a server to your exact CPU, RAM, and Storage specifications in seconds.


Seamlessly Scale Resources

Instantly add or remove resources such as RAM at any time from your control panel.


Built-In Fault Tolerance

Outages are bad for both your business and ours. We built our cloud to ensure the highest degree of availability. If a physical node failure occurs, virtual machines are transferred to other operational nodes in the cluster automatically—no configuration or intervention required.

Pay Only for What You Need

Need extra resources for a day? Use a server for two weeks instead of a month? Our system automatically prorates all servers and resources down to the hour—so you only pay for exactly what you use.


Ultra-Low-Latency Network

A platform is only as fast as the network it's connected to; ours is the fastest in the industry. We own and operate every segment of our network and maintain a 10% peak utilization rate across our facilities.


100% Uptime Guarantee

All cloud services are back by our 100% uptime guarantee—if any aspect of the infrastructure we manage results in an outage, you get a refund. Click for details.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Don't like the color green? If you aren't delighted by your experience with us, you can cancel any time in the first 30 days for a full refund. Click for details.


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