New tags and functions in ColdFusion 8

The release of ColdFusion 8 brings coders a new list of CF tags and functions to utilize when creating their applications. These new tags and functions introduce new features as well as enchance existing features of ColdFusion. The following are a few exampls of new tags and functions:

ColdFusion 8 Tags

  • cfdbinfo: lets you retrieve information about a data source, including details about the database, tables, queries, procedures, foreign keys, indexes, and version information about the database, driver, and JDBC
  • cfexchangemail: gets mail messages and attachments, deletes messages, and sets properties for messages on a Microsoft Exchange server
  • cfimage: lets you perform common image manipulation operations

A list of additional ColdFusion 8 Tags can be found in Adobes CFML Reference guide.

ColdFusion 8 Functions

  • DotNetToCFType: explicitly converts a value returned by a .NET method to the corresponding ColdFusion data type
  • FileOpen: opens a file to read, write or append
  • ImageNew: creates a ColdFusion image

A list of additional ColdFusion 8 Functions can be found in Adobes CFML Reference guide.

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