What are contacts?

There are 3 levels of contacts for the Control Panel that may log into hosting accounts: Account Administrator, Technical and Billing.

  • Account Administrator - the main administrator contact for all of your hosting accounts. You receive your Account Administrator login information when you setup a customer account with us. An Account Administrator has access to all of the functions in the Control Panel and can create new contacts (if you have multiple hosting accounts, you must select which account to manage when you login). The Account Administrator receives administrative account emails, such as billing invoices, and all individual hosting account emails, such as verification of a Data Source Name (DSN).
  • Technical Contacts - the main management contact for your hosting account. You receive a Technical Contact as a default with each hosting account. Each Technical Contact has its own login and password, which you receive when you setup the hosting account. Technical Contacts have access to domain specific information and management functions for their respective hosting account and receive emails regarding that hosting account only. Additional Technical Contacts may be created for each hosting account by the Account Administrator.
  • Billing Contacts - the main financial contact for your hosting account. You do not receive a Billing Contact as a default, however, one may be added by the Account Administrator. Billing Contacts have access to all billing information regarding your customer and hosting account(s) and receive all financial emails in regards to these accounts. Additional Billing Contacts may be created by the Account Administrator.

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