“My new home is at HostMySite. They have been incredibly helpful and dedicated, and went the extra step to make the transition, well, painless.”
Ben Forta

From: Jeffrey Townsend, Fancy Logo LLC

“I admit that I have become jaded and cynical about tech support these days, presuming I won't get real answers in any kind of reasonable amount of time. I sometimes forget how different it is at HostMySite. Thanks for another reminder that, at least somewhere in my world, someone takes customer service and tech support seriously.”

From: Michael J. Kelley, redclayequity.com

“Having just dealt with a couple of technical issues, I wanted to take a minute or two and provide some feedback regarding your customer support. I recently began working from home and have had to outfit my office with technology (email, website, etc.) without the benefit of an in-house support person. I believe that the best decision I made was to go with hostmysite.com. The level of customer and technical support has been excellent. Whether I had a billing question or a technical problem, HostMySite has been there with the answer, no long waits, no bad advice. I believe my customer service experience has been better with HostMySite than any other vendor (bank, phone, software, etc) I deal with.”

From: Michael J. Sammut, foureyes.com

“I just wanted to say that the decision for HostMySite to use Postini is wonderful. Using Postini now for two weeks we have seen more than a 99% drop in Spam. The accuracy of Postini is wonderful with, and I hasten to say this, no false-positives. Postini is a brilliant and very cost effective measure to virtually eradicate Spam. Good job HostMySite.”

“My sentiments are not just from my company, but of the many clients we have that host with you. Again, your decision to use this service is very much appreciated!”

From: Hassan K. Paige, Agile Media Design

“I really appreciate you guys handling this in such a professional, expeditious manner. The fact that I can reach support at any time of day or night is one of the primary reasons I've chosen to host client's sites with your company. Feel free to use this email for promotional purposes on your site because HMS is great!”

From: Victor Migliarese, helpinghandfund.org

“Thank you so much for all your help. You are one of the best hosting companies I have ever dealt with in my years of using the Internet. I will gladly give your name out to the many businesses I know in my area as a good reference to you and your staff.”

From: Michael Bragg, fuelclinic.com

“I've been meaning to write a thank you note for a few days now, after your team was able to trouble-shoot and fix the cryptic CFCHART problems on the server that hosts www.fuelclinic.com. I understand that this was not a standard support request, and took several days to figure out. I appreciate your hard work!”

“I am very happy that a viable solution was found - and the server seems to be humming along nicely ever since. This is the very first problem (in several years of being a HMS customer) that wasn't solved within a few hours. I will continue to recommend most highly HMS to my developer friends and clients.”

From: Dean Comber, Illinois Park & Recreation Association

“I just wanted to thank HostMySite.com for the EXCELLENT customer support your support team provides. I have submitted many questions (many novice level) and always receive a prompt, professional, and courteous response. Not only are questions answered, but the support team always provides every solution available that corresponds to the inquiry.”

“Whether its 9AM or 9PM, it's great to know that our organization can depend on such a reliable hosting company and expert support contacts. I always recommend HostMySite to anyone that is ever looking for a web hosting option.”

“I know that sometimes support personnel gets overlooked, overworked, and sometimes never gets appreciated, so I thought I'd throw my two cents in...”

“Thanks HostMySite.com!”

From: Jeff Curnutt, magicality.net

“I just wanted to drop a quick note and say how excellent the service at HostMySite.com is. Every time I've had a problem, question, or request, the customer service agents have responded almost immediately and, in some instances, gone above and beyond what would normally be expected from customer service (for example help w/ coding problems in ASP or ASP.NET). I've used HostMySite.com for a couple of years, not only for my own website, but as a Web developer, and I ALWAYS recommend you as a host to clients. I can't say enough about the excellent service, not to mention the hosting features and services offered w/ affordable prices and the constant maintenance to better your equipment and software.”

“Thank you from a very satisfied customer!”

From: Michael Mosley, precisiondoor.net

“I want to give a HUGE thanks to your entire support team. I had a deadline of 5 pm today, and I beat it by 1.5 hours in large part thanks to the wonderful level of customer service your staff provided me with. I needed help with uploading my .mdf and getting my database setup, and just general questions. They answered every question, resolved every problem, and did so with an attitude unmatched by any other hosting company I spoke with (I tried to work with 3 others, who all came up short on meeting my needs). You guys rock!”

From: Carolyn Sullivan, Lady of America USA

“I just moved two new accounts to you and we now have a total of 3 accounts with you. I have just abused the dickens out of your free tech support service and wanted to let you know that Kevin Duble (a saint), Josh Stedman and Tammy Metz have all been so very helpful! Above and beyond the call of duty. I did get some help from a couple of other people last Saturday but did not jot down their names unfortunately. I was working on the Lady of America DFW account on that day.”

“In a day where you wonder if ANYONE knows about the old tried and true concept of customer service - I have to say - these people EXCEL at it! Friendly, helpful beyond words, patient...just awesome. Give 'em a pat on the back and a raise!”

From: Marta Phillips, sungrubbies.com

“Thank you so much for all your help. I can't tell you how pleased we are to be with HostMySite. What a difference in service. Believe me we are telling everybody.”

From: Rick Vidallon, visionefx.net

“Recently I dealt with three very big, well known hosting companies who hosted (past tense), my clients' Web sites. I put the question to them, "How do I tweak a CGI-Bin Perl script to point to a custom confirmation page?" They stated, we don't provide script support.”

“I asked another company, "Do you support ASP upload scripts?" They replied, "Our windows servers are physically in San Francisco and the technician who supports these servers does not work weekends."”

“I made another request to another hosting company to resolve a domain pointer issue. They said, "We will create a support ticket and have someone get back to you this week."”

“I work 24/7 to get the job done because my clients expect me to resolve Web site problems in a fast, expedient fashion. I expect the same level of commitment from my Web site hosting provider.”

“Since 2000 I have referred and recommended your company HostMySite.com to all my friends and clients. I recommend HostMySite because you are simply the best.”

“HostMySite makes it easier for me to do my job while providing my Web site clientele a powerful base on which to grow their online presence.”

“I have dealt with 30 or more local and national ISP's across the U.S. and Canada and no one comes close to your level of support, expertise and service. ”

“I feel at the core of your success, is your 24 hour support team that is always there to help. More importantly, their voice inflection over the phone conveys a smile no matter what time of day I call. -- not the typical 'oh my gosh, why is this person bothering me'.”

“That is an extremely important to me and the customer's I refer.”

“Keep walking the walk!”

From: Jerry Curran, websbyjerry.com

“Over the past several years I have had sites hosted by many hosting services. NONE have delivered the level of customer support I have experienced in my short time with HostMySite.com.”

“I would also like to single out one individual in particular. His willingness to assist with a CGI script error blew me away. I've never had a support person offer script help in the past. Thank you (New Jersey) Nick Z.”

“I still have several accounts sitting around but you can be assured they will be moved as quickly as I can get them done.”

“Keep up the GREAT work!”

From: Alec Fehl, JacAlArt, Inc.

“I don't have any problems. Just wanted to send you a note complimenting your support team. I am a reseller with you - and I have recommended quite a few other clients that host with you to whom I do not resell. I have had several of these clients of mine comment on how helpful and courteous the HostMySite support team is. Just wanted to say thanks. Your support is a major reason I continue to host with you. Keep it up.”

From: Aaron Neff, itisdesign.com

“HostMySite, I just want to say THANKS to all the guys who have been VERY patient with me and helpful in resolving my ticket over the last few days - turns out it was a recognized issue by Macromedia. Many thanks to Ben Raab-Long, Mike Gibbons, Vincent Gerbino, Andrew Stopani, RJ Kern, Tim Bean, Nathaniel Cosgrove, and everyone whose name I don't remember, you know who you are, but were there from the beginning and helped for hours on the phone! And also thanks to everyone that has helped, over the past few months, with any issue I've had.”

“I can't say this enough: Thank you, thank you, thank you! HostMySite rocks, you guys are ABSOLUTELY, HANDS DOWN THE BEST =). Now I can tell my client his issue has been resolved because we have an awesome hosting company that doesn't say no and gets things done right!! Ya, I'm pumped.”

“We currently have 14 accounts with you, since this spring, and you've been a dream to work with from the very beginning! Take care and I hope you ALL have a very happy holiday season!”

From: Dottie Sheehan, DLS Designs, LLC

“I would like to give my hearty thanks to the technical support staff of HostMySite.com. In particular, dealing with my configuration of an ASP form that I had to get to work for my client. Andrew Stopani first helped me to figure out how to make it work and then Ryan ended up finishing the job and got the form to work for me using his programming expertise. I can't tell you how relieved I felt today when Ryan took the time to figure out how to configure the code for me. I would just like to say thank you to them and all the support staff for all their efforts and that it has been a pleasure dealing with such wonderful people. I look forward to sending other clients to HostMySite in the future.”

From: Feras Khorsheed, 4d vision media

“You people are great, since the first moment I used the 24/7 live chat and I fell in love with your service. What made me really amazed is the support staff is a real support staff and not just a secretary sitting and only writing down complains or telling you wait. No matter how hard or easy my question is, I always get a right and kind answer. Not to forget the great options and stability of the servers with the right price. I really would rate you 20/10 for overall service.”

From: Mona Belcher, e-Marketing Strategies

“As usual I have nothing but supreme admiration for your company. Why is it that you can be awesome at everything you do and 99% can't even get close to your standards.”

“So glad to be doing business with you.”

From: Jackie Bese, www.AtomicDnC.com

“I just wanted to take a moment and say Kudos to the support and development teams you have over there at HMS! The support I get via email and telephone is always awesome and takes care of my issues very promptly!”

“Also, we love the additions to the Control Panel! All of the recent updates have been greatly appreciated and noticed! Thank you again!”

From: Clark Valberg, Epicenter Technology Consulting

“Your quite capable staff was able to assist my client in setting up a few hosting accounts that worked out just fine. I've really been enjoying your service myself and have decided that there's no real reason to deal with any other hosting company. HostMySite has everything my clients and I need. Your 24/7 support allows me to work late into the night without having to stop and fill out a support ticket - then wait 24/hrs for someone to respond!”

From: Dog Detective Staff, dogdetective.com

“I have been a customer of HostMySite for a couple of months now and just wanted to write and let you know what my experience has been.

I have run my site for the last six years and been with three different hosting companies in that time. I have never even come close to having the level of service that I have experienced with HostMySite. For the first time in six years I feel like someone "has my back". I've had a couple of different issues but they have all been addressed in a timely manner and always followed up on. These people on your support staff have really stood out as being exceptional.

Mike Gibbons: I know Mike will do what ever it takes to figure out what the issue is and get it resolved. He has been someone that I know I can count on if I have a problem.

Andy Stopani: Another outstanding support tech with excellent follow through. I am never left wondering when I have an issue that Andy addresses. He always goes the extra mile.

Scott Butz: I just can't say enough about Scott, really. Because of the time he has taken with my site he has saved me at least eight hours of work each week and enabled me to deliver on promises that I have made to my customers. To be honest, I am not even sure I would have been able to deliver without Scott's help. He has gone way above and beyond the call of duty. His follow through is extraordinary.

There are others - I think I have spoken with just about everyone at this point! I tend to get a little irritated when I have a problem and everyone has always been very patient and courteous. I just wanted to let you know about these three and say -"Keep up the good work." It's nice to know that there are companies besides mine that really do care about their customers.”

From: Kelli Gierz, Pique

“I want to THANK YOU for all your help this afternoon! In this age of phone menus and computerized responses-it was so nice to talk to a really person who was knowledgeable, friendly and patient! Plus, you thought beyond the current issue and offered valuable advice for my long term satisfaction and not just a slapped together solution to get me by.

So good job-and if no one else does it, pat yourself on the back for me!!!”

From: Ross Peterson, solomonrossfurniture.com

“Your support is how it should be, excellent. It is VERY difficult to find customer service like this ANYWHERE these days, let alone on the web. Kudos to you.”

From: Simon Cunningham, Buxiban.Com

“I began using your servers a couple of months ago. During this time I have been extremely impressed at how quickly your service team responds to questions asked, and how quickly problems are resolved. Is there any way that I can give you guys a testimonial? I would be only too happy to write something up to let others know what a great service you have. I was actually recommended to you guys in the first place, and after just two months with you, would have no hesitation in recommending you to others. It' s pleasure to have my site hosted by such a dedicated and pleasant team of people. ”

From: Ian Barr, EvaluatePharma.com

“I wouldn't recommend any other hosting company. I'm consistently impressed by the excellent response times and helpfulness of yourself and your support staff. If anyone around me needs server hosting, I'll definitely point them in your direction and take you up on that referral program.”

“I have used a few other hosting services before but none even come close to the level of service we receive from HostMySite. Nothing is too much trouble, and your staff are friendly and accommodating.”

From: Dennis DeBevec, Cyberwolf Software

“Congratulations! I've written you a couple of times about your consistently high level of support, but this letter is slightly different. I am in the middle of launching an application that is targeted at a group not really known for its technical expertise (ballroom dancers and studio owners). As you know by what I'm hosting at HostMySite, I am focused on client/server and web applications and not websites. I had the opportunity to beta test the HostMySite SiteDesigner program and I was impressed. It did exactly what I needed it to do and was very easy to use. It definitely fits the HostMySite profile of excellent products with a customer focus. I was already planning on recommending HostMySite to all of my ballroom studio clients, but with this added functionality, it's a 'no-brainer.' I'm looking forward to future product/service launches. Keep up the great work.”

From: John Dunn, NWA Networks

“I just wanted to take a few minutes to congratulate the team at HostMySite for their continued excellent service. I am always pleased with the response I get from the service reps when I call in for assistance with an issue or even a question about some obscure technical reference (thanks Jamie) that I just don't have time to research. I always get factual, accurate answers from what I feel are genuinely concerned people.”

“I couldn't run my business without your dedication and support.”

From: Steve Dahlgren, JeffersonFire.com

“You guys are the BEST! I've had to call customer support about 10 times this week (for reasons that were my fault, not yours) and EVERY time I get a nice person who thoroughly helps me out and gets my problem solved. I've never had such good service. The phone is answered on the second ring and before I know it, my problem is solved and I have a follow up email completing the call.”

“I will be recommending your hosting company to anyone I run across needing a web site!”

“Thanks for being so helpful!”

From: R. Jamie Spriggs, ConnectedCare

“When we started ConnectedCare we had a number of pressing issues and were extremely grateful that HostMySite could provide us with high quality IT services. Getting this potentially time and resource draining issue off of our plate was a huge relief! As the business has grown, we have grown our services with HostMySite. It's great to know that we can pick-up the phone at any time and add to our IT infrastructure knowing everything is managed in a state-of-the-art, professional data center.”

“HostMySite gives us the freedom and flexibility to make decisions and grow our business without fretting over IT infrastructure. Initially, they got us up and running quickly and affordablely. Best of all, we had a professionally managed world-class data center instead of a server sitting in a corner somewhere. Now that we are a larger organization and our customers expect an enterprise IT infrastructure, it is good to be able to point to HostMySite as a critical part of our infrastructure.”

“When getting started we could have contracted with hardware vendors for expensive servers, endured the headache of contracting with the phone company for internet access, hired a systems engineer to set everything up - or, spend a few minutes on the phone with HostMySite. Which one do you think we chose?”

From: Peter Anselmo, Bandsitebuilder.com

“As a first time dedicated server customer I have encountered a few different roadblocks along the way. Your staff has gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping me familiarize myself with the server and helped me to customize it for my needs.”

“Bill has been particularly helpful and proved to me that I made the right decision in choosing a server with your company. I would recommend your company (and have many times) to anyone and everyone.”

“I look forward to getting a second server with HostMySite over the next few months and continuing to work with HostMySite for years to come. I love being able to call and have a person pick up the phone. NEVER CHANGE THIS!! ”

From: Richard J. McFarland, Synerfac.com

“I have been very impressed with HostMySite – with both their level of service and their professionalism.”

“We (Synerfac) were previously with a similar but larger company from Pennsylvania – we thought larger would equate to greater resources and better support – unfortunately that company made no support available prior to 9 AM, and since we start at 8 AM, we were out of luck until at least 9 if we encountered any problems so we’ve been extremely pleased with HostMySite’s 24x7 “live” support.”

“Knowing how well HMS performs and given their very competitive pricing, I referred a friend (who has his own business in New York City/North Jersey) to HostMySite and now his site is with HostMySite. He has also been very pleased.”

From: Mitchel Tendler, Education Management Corporation Online

“I wanted to let you know how happy we are with HostMySite, it's by far one of the best decisions we ever made!”

“The few times I had to contact support the experience was great. Your support team is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and always willing to do whatever it takes to get the problem resolved. This type of service was foreign to us when we were hosting our server at a different company.”

“Once again thanks for making our hosting decision so easy!”

From: Patrick Hess, Hessport LLC

“Anyone who has ever dealt with a hosting company on small to large size web projects will certainly know the angst that comes along with ensuring up time and turn around time when things aren't flowing so well. I am very cautious about recommending any third party company to my peers, but since I've worked with HostMySite, I've thrown caution aside and tell how amazing their support has been. When I was in the midst of trying to launch an all new rubiks.com, I faced the challenge of porting from Linux to Windows and from Perl to Cold Fusion. Additionally, I had to have the assurance that when I launched the site in five different languages with a live chat room and gaming area... I would not be faced with visitors experiencing major issues with server hang ups. The site draws millions of visitors each year and I couldn't afford to deploy the site not believing in the server host's abilities to support. Not only did their support staff hold my hand through the process, they dedicated several talented people to problem solve the tiniest of issues. They have 'always' been professional in their customer service dealings, whether by phone or email, and I've always received a follow up long after the issue was resolved. The equipment they provide is the best available for the amazingly affordable price they provide. Believe me, some hosting companies are living in an alternate reality with their expectations of equipment versus price.”

“The main reason I wholly endorse HMS is that while I am proficient in web development and design, I'm not proficient in hardware/server setup and maintenance. I owe a lot of my success to HMS and their continued support to make me look good to my clients.”

“Thank you for proving that a hosting company doesn't have to be the weakest link in doing web business as a career.”

From: John S. Dawson, Dealer Tools, Inc.

“I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that you have an absolutely outstanding support staff. We have been struggling with some third-party software on our dedicated server and your staff has been more than patient with us in keeping it running. It's very refreshing to receive a prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and overly helpful reply to any support request I have.”

“The world would definitely benefit if more companies cared for their customers like you do. I truly appreciate the extra effort. Please pass on my thanks to your staff. You do great work!”

From: Betsy Burlingame, ExpatExchange.com

“ExpatExchange.com has been hosted at more than four different hosting companies over the last seven years. Since switching to HostMySite.com, we have enjoyed the best service and uptime to date. Your experience with ColdFusion has resolved technical problems that former hosting companies wouldn't even investigate. And, knowing that we can call anytime - day or night - and reach a technician is very reassuring!”

From: Sue Thomson, advancewebdesign.com

“HostMySite.com’s service is nothing short of brilliant! Our business is designing websites— quality hosting is vital to the success of our organization. During the course of our six-year relationship with HostMySite.com, we haven’t seen another hosting company that can rival the value they provide to their customers. We recommend HostMySite.com to ALL our clients and have never been disappointed.”

From: Richard Fitzpatrick, bigtopmultimedia.com

“I’d just like to thank you guys for being the best hosting company I have ever come across. Your customer service is excellent, you get onto any problems very quickly, and you’ve always gone the extra mile to help me out. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you, in fact, my company now have 10 sites hosted with HostMySite.com and I am extremely happy.”

From: James Kennedy, mbateam.com

“When it comes to ColdFusion hosting…HostMySite.com Rules them all! I switched to HostMySite.com from another company and have had nothing but praise to say about them. Yeah, there were a few bugs to work out with my site, but they responded like bees on honey! Besides, no one else has 24x7 quality service that’s fast, reliable…and at a price that can’t be beat!”

“I would recommend there service to anyone who needs web hosting; from small one man shops to large corporations with sophisticated web hosting needs.”

From: Dave Burke, alcvt.org

“I develop web applications for a living and wanted to put up a site for our church that was affordable yet had all of the features I use every day in the corporate environment, particularly IIS and SQL Server support. Your pricing and options couldn’t be touched, so I signed up. I am thrilled with the value I get with HostMySite.com, and the support you provided when I was getting started was phenomenal. I can’t recommend you often enough to others! Thanks!”

From: James Keith, mtshastacabins.com, skimtshasta.com

“Just a note to let you guys know you are very much appreciated, I came to you with a copy of FrontPage and the wish to learn. I am updating and adding more sites this month. Your support team has gone above and beyond and always with a SMILE.”

From: James Rosenberg, adoptaclassroom.com

“I would just like to personally make you aware of how thoroughly pleased we are to have worked with Jim Chiffons. He displayed the utmost patience, expertise and knowledge in handling the Adopt-A-Classroom situation. Never in my business history have I experienced such attentive customer service. I cannot thank Jim enough for everything he did to guide us through the crisis.”

From: Zaki Akmal, idashboards.com

“I am very pleased with the quality of service I have received from HostMySite so far. We have sometimes been burned by our old hosting company owing to their poor customer service. Several months ago when I first recommended the name of HostMySite within our company as an alternative hosting option, quite a few were skeptical. But I think now everyone seems to have a growing appreciation of the quality of service from your team. In fact, this is what prompted us to recommend your company to some of our clients in recent past.”

“Thank you very much for all the help, and please keep up the excellent work!”

From: Sara K. Schwittek, shysiren.com

“You're terrific - many, many thanks!!!”

“I have to say, anytime we've needed to contact Support, each and every one of you seems to be completely on the ball! (And we've worked with a lot of hosting companies!!)”


From: Deborah Laflamme, designmywebpage.com

“Thanks for the follow up email, Darrell. As I brag to my customers and supported by your support today, I have the greatest hosting company out there with even greater tech support. I have to state that I was extremely impressed with your patience with this customer (not an easy one) and your problem solving methods. You are fantastic at what you do and Hostmysite should be extremely proud to have you as one of their team, you are definitely an asset!!! Again, I am impressed!!”

From: Baha Habashy, integrity-plus.com

“We like to give credit where credit is due. You guys are great.”

“As a man who has worked in the IT world for over 30 years, mostly with the largest vendors in the market, I have seen the good the bad and the ugly. And I must say that as a service organization you are among the very best. so I want to say thanks for your great support team. They do not only respond to the phone 24 hours a day, but they are also cheerful and knowledgeable.”

“I am very glad I switched to your service. Thank you very much.”

From: Scott Allard, atalantawebdesign.com

“I just want to drop a note to thank you for contacting me back in October. I admit, I was scared-to-death to make a move into the "unknown", but the forced action I took was actually a blessing in disguise. I got the impression that my previous hosting company (html.com) was a guy running a business out of his basement (at times), and I ended up overlooking/forgiving so many blunders/errors/mistakes. I reasoned that another hosting co. might give the same [or worse] service, as I have dealt with a several other companies who disrespect and care less about their customers (i.e.: charge $50 minimum for each question you ask about the service you are already paying for!) ”

“In sharp contrast, your staff (of which I have counted at least 7 professionals so far) has helped me, and answered all of my standard server hosting/configuration questions, and has allowed me to get up-and-running ASAP (the way it needs to be done in business.) All for a reasonable, intelligent price! On a technical level, instead of a list of "...umm, our server can't DO that", I've been helped by your educated, smart, savvy staff that has configured the server to my needs [Apache can be configured to do anything!] every time - in a very short time.”

“It makes sense, and is in total harmony with the business that I am running. We are not all millionaires in this low period of the economy, and prices need to be set accordingly based on cost, value, etc. But it's also important to not give customers the run around and answer questions in a timely manner. Your company has good management and it shows from every aspect I have seen.”

“When I received your "TEAMWORK" card, it totally hit me at that point - "what? Another company out there believes in that?" With that successful mentality behind us, I'm sure we *will* have a prosperous 2004, and I'll be able to bring in many more accounts!”

From: Barry Hutchinson, adoptachild.us

“I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the HostMySite website hosting group for the services that Reaching Out thru International Adoption has received since the inception of our relationship with your firm in April 2003.”

“To my knowledge, our website has never been down and we have never received a complaint from any of our clients concerning a problem with connectivity or slow server response.”

“We have not required a large amount of technical support but each time that we do require assistance, we are greeted with a friendly attitude from your support personnel. We usually try to answer our technical issues but on the occasions when a problem is over our head and we have called your group, there has never been a situation that the support staff has not be able to assist us with. Most times your support personnel will offer us an immediate solution.”

“Before we selected hostmysite.com as our hosting company, we researched many hosting firms, both large and small. We selected your company based on the initial information provided on your website. However, our final selection was based on the courteous and complete telephone response to our sometimes dumb questions concerning website hosting from your competent sales staff.”

“Although we may not be your largest client, we are surely one of your largest supporters. For some (lucky) reason, our initial entrance in the website arena surely was fortunately made much easier and extremely pleasant because of your personnel.”

“Again my thanks for your continued support to Reaching Out thru International Adoption.”

From: Mark Anthony Figueredo, zadiggle.com

“I am currently dealing with [name removed] for another client of mine and the support is terrible; they should take a lesson from you guys. Thanks a ton for the continued great support. Even though companies like 1and1.com have much better pricing your services keeps me with you. Also, if you still need some design work done for your new management interface, let me know.”

From: Michael B. Munday, edentitysolutions.com

“For the past 3 weeks, I have been trying to get a problem resolved with another hosting company. The company, who will remain anonymous and is one of the industry leaders in web hosting and domain name registration based in California (maybe that's the problem :-) ), has been absolutely horrendous. They pat themselves on the back for the "wonderful support" they say they give, which couldn't be further from the truth. They have neither responded to support emails nor voicemails and seem to ignore my recent request for assistance.”

“You may wonder where I'm going with this, and well, I just want to say THANK YOU. In my 1+ year relationship with you, your service has been nothing short of brilliant. No matter when I call or who I talk to, I am treated like I am your only customer. It is such a RELIEF to work with a company who provides such exceptional service. Even if it's a technical issue/error on my end, you do everything you can to help me through and continue providing support until the issue is 100% resolved. It has been so good, that I have begun slowly moving all of my customer's sites to your company. Even if I have to re-write their sites to be compatible on your servers (e.g. from PHP to ColdFusion), I'll do it. That's how much I appreciate and value your company. I currently have 18 accounts with you and will continue to refer/resell your services.”

“Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Keep up the GREAT work.”

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