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How do I Password Protect a directory through Ensim on a Linux server?

You can password-protect directories on your site to limit access to files located in those directories. If your site does not have FrontPage enabled, you do this through the Site Administrator control panel.

You can protect directories only; you cannot protect individual files. If you want to protect a single file, either place that file in an existing protected directory, or create a directory specifically for that file, then protect the directory.

Note: This topic is for systems without Microsoft FrontPage Extensions. If you have FrontPage enabled, you need to use the FrontPage interface to protect directories.

To password protect a directory through Ensim Linux, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Ensim Site Administrator interface for the domain name.
  2. Click Configuration from the left side menu.
  3. Click Manage Groups to create a new group. The group will contain the users that will protect the directory.
  4. To create a new group enter the Group name and click Add.
  5. Click Manage Users to create/add a user to a group.
  6. To create/edit a user enter the necessary information, select the group and click Add/Edit. If you are adding an existing user to the group you will need to enter their username, password and select the group.
  7. Click Protect Directories to display a list of each directory in your site.
  8. Select the directory you wish to protect and click the Lock Box.
  9. Enter a descriptive name for the directory in the AuthName field. This name will be displayed in the login box when a user attempts to login.
  10. Select the group and click Protect. If you wish to specify multiple groups you can hold down the Ctrl key and click on each group.

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