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How do I connect to my server using Remote Desktop Connection?

Remote Desktop Connection is a program included with most Microsoft Operating systems that allows you to make a connection to your server. This connection allows you to access your server directly from a remote location, as if you were sitting in front of the machine.

To connect to your server using Remote Desktop connection, please follow these steps:

  1. Click Start, Programs, Accessories, Communications, Remote Desktop Connection.
  2. In the Computer field, type the IP address or hostname of the server you are trying to connect to.
  3. Click Connect. After a few moments the Log On to Windows dialog box will appear.
  4. Enter your user name and password and click OK. The Remote Desktop window will open and you will the desktop of your server.

    Note: To change your connection settings, (such as screen size, automatic logon information, and performance options), click Options before you connect.

When you are finished working on your server you will need to end the connection. You will need to Log Off the machine. This will free the connection. If you click the X in the corner of the window the connection will stay active. You are only allowed to have two active connections at a time. If you do not logoff properly you will not be able to log in after two connections have been opened.

To log off and end the connection, please follow these steps:

  1. In the Remote Desktop Connection window, click Start.
  2. If you see the option Log off Username select this, otherwise Click Shut Down. This will display the Shutdown Menu.
  3. Select Log Off <username>, and click OK.
  4. Note: Be sure you select Log Off and NOT Shutdown. If you select Shutdown it will shutdown your server and tech support will need to manually restart your server.

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