How do I repoint my domain name to

Every domain name points to at least two name servers. The name server tells a Web browser where to find your website. Your domain name must be pointed to our name servers before your website will be visible on the Web. Repointing your domain name to our name servers takes approximately 24 – 72 hours to complete at which time your website will be visible on the Web.

To repoint your domain name, you must log into your domain name account with the current registrar of the domain name and update the name servers to our name servers.

Note: If registered your domain name, your nameservers wll already be configured as listed below. If your nameservers were changed to a external DNS Provider and you wish to revert back to our nameservers, you can repoint your domain to our nameservers from your domain management portal at

Our name server information is as follows:



If you have a country code domain name, you will need to contact the proper domain registry and arrange for the transfer. If you have any further questions, please contact our support department at

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