How do I add an Exchange alias?

The following article explains how to add an Exchange alias. An Exchange alias is an address for your domain that forwards email to an external email address. For example, you can setup a general email address that forwards email to your personal email address. Please note, you cannot send messages from the Exchange alias.

Since all email sent to the Exchange alias is immediately forwarded, you do not have to order a new mailbox and messages do not count against your mailbox size limit.

To add an Exchange alias, please follow these steps:

  1. Open a browser window and go to
  2. Click on Control Panel Login.
  3. Log into the Control Panel as one of the following:
    • Account Administrator and select the appropriate domain
    • Technical Contact for the domain
  4. Expand Exchange Administration and select Exchange Aliases.
  5. Enter the requested information:
    • First Name: the first name of the contact
    • Last Name: the last name of the contact
    • Email Address: the external email address that receives forwarded emails from the global contact (alias)
    • Email Aliases: the email addresses(aliases) of the global contact
  6. Click Add Exchange Alias.

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