How do I add an additional FrontPage user to my website?

The following article explains how to create an additional FrontPage user for your website through FrontPage. You choose the username, password and role of the user. Roles range from browsing the website to full administration of the FrontPage website.

To add an additional user, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your site in FrontPage from our server using the Open Web menu option from the File Menu.
  2. From the Tools menu, expand Server and select Administration Home.
  3. Login with your FrontPage username and password.
  4. Under Users and Roles, click Manage Users.
  5. Click Add a user.
  6. Under User, enter the following information:
    • Select Add a new user with the following information:
    • User name: the username for the new user
    • Password: the password for the new user
    • Confirm Password: re-enter the password for the new user
  7. Under User Role, select a role for the user.
  8. Click Add User.

It is recommended that you do not give Administrator privileges to users.


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