How do I run a Traceroute?

The following article explains how to perform a traceroute for your site. A traceroute records the amount of time it takes a webpage to load on your local machine. It traces the path taken from your local machine to our server, which can be a web server, mail server, or SQL server.

To perform a traceroute on a Windows machine, please follow these steps:

  1. On your local machine, open a command prompt.
  2. Within the prompt, type tracert yourdomain > tracert.txt.
  3. Email the tracert.txt file to

The text file will contain the results of your traceroute. You can run the command using your domain name or your IP address.

To perform a traceroute on a Mac, please follow these steps:

  1. On your local machine, double click the hard drive icon.
  2. Open the Applications folder.
  3. Open the Utilities folder.
  4. Open Network Utility.
  5. Select the Traceroute tab.
  6. Enter the domain name or IP address of your website and click Trace.
  7. Copy the results and email them to

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