How do I use Sendmail?

Please note: This support article is a guide for our Linux users only.
The following article explains how to use Sendmail. Sendmail allows email to be sent from Perl or PHP scripts.
The path to sendmail is:

In order to send email successfully, the proper flags must be used within the call to sendmail. If you are calling sendmail from a script, you should use three flags: -t, -i, and -f flags. The -f flag is used as an anti-Spam measure to force the “from” address on the email to your real email address. If you do not use the -f flag, your email will not go through. An example of a correct call to sendmail would be:
/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i

Depending on your script, you may need to escape the ‘@’ in your email address:

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