How do I create a new mailing list?

The following article explains the steps involved in creating a new mailing list for your SmarterMail List Server plan. Each mailing list is given a name and contains a list of email addresses that will receive messages sent to the list. To send an email to the list, use as the ‘To’ address.

To create a mailing list, please follow these steps:

  1. Open a browser window go to one of the following URLs:
    • – server name provided when list was created
  2. Login as with your primary FTP password.
  3. From the Domain Settings menu select Mailing Lists.
  4. Click New List.
  5. Enter the following information:
    • List Name – the name of the list (the name is also the email address used by the list to send and receive emails)
    • Description – the description of the list for easy identification
    • List Moderator – the “owner” of the list who must be a user in your domain
    • List Password – the password required to post on a restricted list (to post to a list that is password protected, you must include the password in the subject line enclosed by brackets and colons (e.g., Subject: [:password:] Attention all subscribers))
    • Who Can Post? – identify who has access to post to the list (in addition to the selected poster option, you can enable the posters list, which can further permit or deny users)
      • Anyone: allows anyone, regardless of whether they are a subscriber or not, to send an email to the list. This setting can cause abuse if it is not closely monitored and we STRONGLY suggest not using it.
      • Subscribers Only: allows only the list subscribers to send and receive posts. This setting is used for discussion lists and the moderator will still be permitted to post.
      • Moderators Only: allows only the moderator to post to the list. No one else, not even list subscribers, will be able to post. This setting is used for newsletters and announcement-only lists.
    • Subject Prefix – the text inserted in the subject line before the actual subject (this setting is recommended for discussion lists for easy filtering)
    • Max Message Size – if you do not wish to set a size limit, enter 0 (zero), otherwise choose a maximum permitted size (in kilobytes) of a message (if the message exceeds this size, it will not be posted)
    • Max Recipients/Message – the number of recipients, per message, that may be sent (e.g., if there were 500 subscribers to a list, and the max recipients value was 100, 5 emails would be sent with 100 recipients each)

  6. Click Save.

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