How do I create a batch of my orders?

The following article explains how to create a batch of MIVA Merchant store orders. Creating a batch groups the current orders together in order to efficiently manage and process them. Once batched, you can process each order, run reports, export the orders, and finally delete the batch. When creating a new batch, all orders not included in any other batch will be placed in the new batch.

To create a batch, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the MIVA Merchant Admin section located at http://store.domainname.com/merchant2/admin.mvc. If this address does not work, you may need to use http://domainname.com/merchant2/admin.mvc. Older MIVA Merchant stores were configured with this address..
  2. Expand the Stores menu.
  3. Expand the Store name.
  4. Expand the Order Processing menu.
  5. Click Create Batch.
  6. Enter a name for the Batch.
  7. Click Create.

You will now see a batch that contains all of the previously un-batched orders.


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