How do I encrypt my orders?

The following article explains how to enable pass phrase encryption for orders in a MIVA Merchant store. The pass phrase functions much like a password - it gives the store administrator access to the encrypted data. Pass phrases can include upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, spaces, and punctuation. In general, the longer and more complex the phrase, the more difficult it would be for a person or program to guess it.

Note: Pass phrases are not stored in the software or database, and cannot ever be recovered. Your pass phrases are never sent to HostMySite, or to MIVA Corporation. Encrypted order information can be viewed only with the pass phrase.

To enable pass phrase encryption, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the MIVA Merchant Admin section located at http://store.domainname.com/merchant2/admin.mvc. If this address does not work, you may need to use http://domainname.com/merchant2/admin.mvc. Older MIVA Merchant stores were configured with this address..
  2. Expand the Stores menu.
  3. Expand the Store name.
  4. Expand the Order Processing menu.
  5. Click Encryption.
  6. Click Add Encryption Key.
  7. Enter the necessary information:
    • Current: check to make the encryption phrase active
    • Encryption Prompt: enter a phrase to remind you of the password
    • Encryption Pass Phrase: enter the pass phrase
    • Verify Pass Phrase: re-enter the pass phrase
  8. Click Add.

Once enabled, all new orders placed will be protected by the pass phrase. When attempting to process an order you will be prompted for the pass phrase.


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