Why do my secure pages say 'This page contains both secure and nonsecure items'?

The following article explains the above error message. This message occurs when customers attempt to view a webpage using https that contains information linked using http. This happens when using the full URL when linking to images or including files.

In the example below, the image is being linked non-securely using http. This is what causes the error message:

<img src="http://domainname.com/images/image1.gif">

To see specifically what is being called, you can either view the source of the page through the browser or click No in the error message. This will load the secure portions and skip the non-secure portions. The non-secure images will be displayed as broken images and will help to narrow down which portions of the site are being loaded non-securely:

Once you isolate the cause, you will then need to adjust the code for your website to either use the https (secure) URL or a virtual link. Below is an example of a virtual link:

<img src="/images/image1.gif">


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