How do I configure my store without a payment gateway?

The following article explains how to configure a MIVA Merchant store without a payment gateway. MIVA Merchant provides the ability to collect a customer's credit card information without processing an order on the card. Without a payment gateway, the order form simply verifies the credit card information is entered in a valid format. The owner of the store is then responsible for manually processing each order transaction. This payment gateway option is referred to as Credit Card Payment with Simple Validation.

To configure your store with Credit Card Payment with Simple Validation, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the MIVA Merchant Admin section located at If this address does not work, you may need to use Older MIVA Merchant stores were configured with this address..
  2. Expand the Stores menu.
  3. Expand the Store name.
  4. Click Payment Configuration from the menu.
  5. Check Credit Card with Simple Validation.
  6. Click Update.

To see the type of validation used, click Credit Card Payment with Simple Validation at the top of the page.

The default validation settings are as follows:

Credit Card Allowable Prefixes Allowable Lengths
American Express 34, 37 15
Discover 6011 16
MasterCard 5 16
Visa 4 13, 16

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