How do I run the upgrade wizard for my store?

The following article explains how to run the upgrade wizard for a MIVA Merchant store. MIVA Merchant 5 has a new feature that communicates with the MIVA Merchant servers and looks for any upgrades that are available with the current version of MIVA Merchant. If there is an update available, you will see a message informing you of the update when you log into MIVA Merchant Administrator. Click OK to proceed past the message screen.

To run the upgrade wizard, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the MIVA Merchant Admin section located at http://store.domainname.com/merchant2/admin.mvc. If this address does not work, you may need to use http://domainname.com/merchant2/admin.mvc. Older MIVA Merchant stores were configured with this address..
  2. Expand the Wizards menu.
  3. Click Upgrade Wizard.
  4. Within the popup window, choose the upgrade procedure:
    • Automatic Installation (recommended): this is the recommeneded option
    • Review and Manually Select Updates for Installation: allows you to select the upgrades you wish to perform
    • Remind Me in 24 Hours: delays the upgrade and reminds you again in 24 hours
    • Skip These Updates: skips the upgrades from running
  5. Click Continue.

Once the upgrade begins you will see a window displaying the progress of the upgrade.

Once the upgrade is complete you can return to your MIVA Merchant store.


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