How do I create an autologin script for SmarterStats?

The following article explains how to create an autologin script that will automatically log you into your SmarterStats account when you click on a link. This script can be added to a new or existing page in your website.

To create the autologin script, please follow these steps:

  1. Using a text editor, open the page where you will add the autologin script.
  2. Enter the following lines of code:
  3. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE= "JavaScript">

    function GoToStats() {



    <form name= "statsform" action= "" method= "post">
    <input type= "hidden" name= "shortcutLink" value= "autologin" id= "shortcutLink">
    <input type= "hidden" name= "txtSiteID" id= "txtSiteID" value= "siteID or domain name">
    <input type= "hidden" name= "txtUser" id= "txtUser" value= "username">
    <input type= "hidden" name= "txtPass" id= "txtPass" value= "password">

    <p><a href= "JavaScript:GoToStats()"> See Your Stats</a></p>

  4. Save your work and close the text editor.

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