How do I add a premium SQL database to my account?

The following article explains how to add a Premium SQL Database to your hosting account through the Control Panel. Adding a Premium SQL plan will only add another database and not upgrade your current database(s).

To add a Premium SQL database, please follow these steps:

  1. Open a browser window and go to
  2. Click on Control Panel Login.
  3. Log into the Control Panel as the Account Administrator and select the appropriate domain.
  4. Click on Database Administration and select Purchase a Premium SQL Plan.
  5. Enter the appropriate information:
    • Desired Username: enter a username for your database
    • Desired Password: enter a password for your database
    • Confirm Password: re-enter the password for your database
    • Desired Database Name: enter a name for your database
    • Add a DSN?: check this box if you wish to have a DSN created for the database
    • Name of DSN: enter a name for your DSN if you wish to have one created for the database
  6. Click Add SQL Database.

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