Important Information Regarding HostMySite VPS and Dedicated Server Offerings

HostMySite is in the process of replacing its legacy VPS environment and Dedicated Server offerings with the latest in dynamic cloud-based, Azure Virtual Machine solutions. We are excited about this move, part of a future-looking strategy, to provide the latest in virtual environment technologies that yield excellent performance and value to HostMySite Customers.

As our VPS and Dedicated offering will change over to the new system in the very near future,
we have presently removed the option to order any NEW VPS or Dedicated Server hosting subscriptions.

HostMySite Customers with presently-active VPS hosting or Dedicated subscriptions are being contacted about our new virtual server strategy and will be required to migrate to the new environment for enhanced benefit and value. HostMySite Customers should refer to upcoming email notifications for next steps. News about our overall VPS and Dedicated Server migrations–and what it means to existing customers–may also be reviewed in our HostMySite blog article.

As we are within our new Azure-offering transition period, any new VPS or Dedicated Server requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by HostMySite Product Management. If you would like to request a new VPS or Dedicated Server subscription but understand what our move to Azure would mean to your project please contactHostMySite Support.


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