Foiling the Spam Sneak Attacks

While HostMySite does a lot of work behind the scenes to thwart Spam attacks, Spam is sneaky and inevitably some will reach your inbox.

All HostMySite hosting plans include free SmarterMail Spam filters which do a good job of dealing with your daily influx of Spam. However, if you want more aggressive Spam filtering, HostMySite offers Postini Advanced Spam Filtering service for only $1.00 per month per user. The Postini filters intercept Spam before it gets to your inbox and you will receive a list of the quarantined messages in a daily summary.

Advanced Spam Filtering

If you don't receive that much daily Spam, the free SmarterMail Spam filters are perfect for flagging messages and moving them to your junk email folder. However, if you're buried in Spam, even if it's moved to a junk folder, it maxes out your mailbox size limit. Postini Advanced Spam filtering service is well worth the small fee for the added control.

Why try Postini Spam Filtering?

  • Save Time: Regain all the hours you spend wading through unwanted emails
  • Increase Productivity: The summary email lets you delete Spam all at once
  • Gain Control: You can adjust your filtering from lenient to aggressive
  • Low Cost: After the FREE 30-day trial, you pay only $1.00 per month, per user
See How Postini
Works For You!

Click each step to learn how Postini filters out Spam before it reaches your inbox.

STEP 1: Incoming Messages

Emails addressed to you arrive at the Postini mail server where the filters are applied.

STEP 2: Filtered Messages

Postini bounces the obvious Spam messages, quarantines the questionable emails, and sends the legitimate emails straight to your inbox.

STEP 3: Block Messages

When messages are quarantined, Postini sends you a summary of the quarantined messages held on the server so you can choose to have them delivered or deleted.


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